Kathleen Keegel Children's Fund Limited

An Australian based, charitable organization committed to helping the local community

The Kathleen Keegel Children’s Fund Limited (KKCF) has been created to care for orphans and under-privileged children of Sri Lanka.

It is the primary aim of the KKCF to establish and manage an orphanage and to care for orphans and other under-privileged children.

Two of our representatives; Olivia (nee Keegel) and Fred Bartholomeusz,have been based in Sri Lanka since March 2004.

We are in the process of establishing an orphanage and children’s learning centre geared towards caring for orphans, abused and neglected children.

We have an agricultural project on a 9 acre block in the south east of the country. 

There has been much work done in the community, particularly in providing relief for victims of the tsunami and in assisting with children’s literacy development.



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