Our Projects

   St Anthony's Boys' Home Hewadiwela (near Kegalle)



We have undertaken the management of a boys' home in Hewadiwela near Kegalle, approx 95kms from the capital city of Colombo; 8km from Rambukkana; 44km from Kandy and 25km from Kurunegala.


The children's home, set on a 5 acre property, had been abandoned several years before we took over management of it.  We undertook major restoration works to the buildings - painting, installing ceilings, treatment of white ant damage, upgrading toilets blocks and plumbing. The buildings were bat infested and overgrown with weeds. The property is continually maintained through the employment of local people.



We currently have 30 children in our care and they attend the local schools. After school the children have English lessons with Olivia and Fred. There is also a youth group for young adults in the area. On 11th January 2010 we opened a Montessori kindergarten for 30 children where lessons are taught in English.  



We have a cow, over 30 free range chickens and Kenny our Alsatian. There are over 300 coconut trees on the property. Existing fruit trees are bananas, jack, pineapple and a bean crop has been planted.


We officially opened the children's home on 4th July 2008.  This would have been Kathleen Keegel's 85th birthday.



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