A BIG thank you to everyone who supported our Beds for Balangoda campaign,
help us
 reach our goal and raise a whopping $14,500 in only four weeks!
All money raised will go towards our Advanced Development Centre (ADC) to give our students a place to learn and call home. 

A special thank you to our donors, without whom we wouldn't have achieved any of this ::

Gillian Ford
Danielle Gonsal
Noel Dowling
Kim Redman 
Gail Smith
Patrina & Justin Metcalf
Naomi Wijesinghe
Godfrey Family
Conte Family
Ron & Julie Stroet
Roy & Celia Price
Cam & Dave Richmond
Steph & Ian Toia
Aaron & Elena Sansoni
Shiranee & Robbie Griffiths
Simone Jans
z & family
Peter & Tracey Farrell
Zita Keegel and family
Tracey Faull & family
Melissa Weerasekara
Polly Shedden
Travis Family
Anne & Bryce Keegel
Carolyn & Keith Billings
Christine Munidasa
Michelle Wright
Carmel Benfold
James Warner
Catherine Geoghegan
Alister McDonald
Emma Hamill Shearing
Christopher Dallen
Laura Austin
Sandra van Twest
Janine Ekanayake & 
Karen Henricus - Charity@Work 





























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