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Sponsor a Day at the children's home for $50US

On your nominated day the children will honor your loved one with prayers and celebrations.  This is a beautiful and kind way to remember someone special in your life.


Pathum De Silva Ungakammanthi

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As well as sponsoring the 23rd of January to honour Pathum, Kim generously donated funds to our "Buy a Block" project which goes towards building a much needed fence around the perimeter of the children's home. The prayer you see here was written in Pathum's memory by some of Pathum's friends.


Noel Shearing - "Known as Shez"

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Rienzie Joseph vanLangenberg (“Jingy”)

22 December 1925 – 12 June 2011

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Rienzie Joseph vanLangenberg (“Jingy”)

22 December 1925 – 12 June 2011


Rienzie vanLangenberg - affectionately known as “Jingy”, a shortened form of Jingle Bells which marked his birth near Christmas – was a man of many talents.


Despite no formal qualifications, he had a distinguished career as an accountant at John Keell Thompson White Ltd, a share brokerage firm in Sri Lanka, before entering the tea-chest manufacturing business.


He sacrificed much – family, friends, home and career - to take his family to Australia in 1968 to provide better opportunities for them, having to re-start his life at the age of 42.

Despite no training, he was an artist, musician, craftsman and gardener par excellence. He was able to draw, paint, sculpt figures out of plasticine, make amazing dolls houses, both small and large enough for little children to play in; realistic looking dolls-house furniture, intricate structures for wedding cakes, wonderful egg racks, jig-saw puzzles, bird nesting boxes and a host of other items.


His hand writing was impeccable and of the old-fashioned copper plate style. Though not able to read music, he could play any tune on piano, organ, piano accordion, guitar and ukulele just by listening to it. And everything he did, he did as well as he possibly could.


He had a wonderful sense of mischief that endeared him to both child and adult alike, as did many of his eccentricities. He was hum;07ble and had a very firm faith in God, constantly marvelling at His creation and taking full enjoyment from it.


He was generous to a fault, always insisting on providing for others, whether it was his time, his energy, his money, his plants or his creations.


But most of all, he was a lover of people - not just his immediate and extended families whom he loved deeply and by whom he was deeply loved - but also everyone and anyone that crossed his path. His kindness and concern for others was legendary. He loved children and the opportunity to support the Kathleen Keegel Children’s Foundation (Kathleen was his cousin) through donations made at and after his funeral would have had his enthusiastic support.


He was a loving husband, father of three, grandfather of seven and great-grandfather of two.


Age and dementia restricted his physical capabilities in the latter years of his life but they did not diminish, even slightly, his intrinsic traits of kindness, generosity, warmth, humility, love, care and concern for others.


Rienzie’s 85 years on earth were loving and fulfilling.  He made a lasting impression for good on all those who had the extremely good fortune to know him, as was clearly attested by the overflowing church at his funeral service and the written and spoken thoughts expressed by so many.  

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