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We need your help by 30 June 2015 to replace our bus 

Olly and Fred Bartholomeusz arrived in Sri Lanka in 2004 to help impoverished people in memory
of Kathleen Keegel, and KKCF (Kathleen Keegel Children’s Fund) was born. KKCF has been supporting St Anthony’s Boys’ Home in Hewidawela since 2008. Today there are 30 boys at St Anthony’s as well as a kindergarten and an agricultural program in Balangoda.

Not long after arriving, Olly and Fred purchased a second hand 12-seater bus.
In the eleven years since, the bus has been the heart of the work they do.
It is KKCF’s rescue vehicle, without it our work could not continue. 


The bus is essential to St Anthony’s Boys Home

It enables Olly and Fred to carry out the basic, necessary activities that are essential to every home. Living in a remote, rural community, the bus is the only means of transportation. It is a lifeline. It ensures the boys can go to school or to hospital if they need medical treatment. It enables food, groceries and other vital supplies to be purchased, monthly trips to our agricultural project in Balangoda, and airport transfer for the regular visitors and volunteers who sustain us.


The bus is a community connector

Olly and Fred often transport elderly people who may otherwise be forced to walk miles
with their groceries. Our bus was also used to help people in need following the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004, the Batticola floods in 2012, and delivered warm clothing to people
in Nuwara Eliya affected by major landslides in 2014, as well as delivering food to
impoverished people in Jaffna and Central Sri Lanka.


The bus urgently needs to be replaced  

The bus is now over 15 years old and after thousands of kilometres on rough,
unmaintained roads, often overloaded beyond capacity, the bus needs to be replaced.  


We need your help! 

The cost of replacing the bus is beyond our means. We need your help - here’s how. 














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