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Please read our latest newsletter to find out about Frank Grigson's trip to Veravil, Aug 2019


Kathleen Keegel Children's Fund (KKCF) is helping to relieve poverty in Sri Lanka.  For nearly ten years to Dec 2017 we managed a children's home in Hewadiwela and helped hundreds of children have a better hope for their future.  We also had an agricultural training facility in Balangoda.  Now we are helping the community in Veravil near Jaffna.  We are refurbishing a library and also wanting to give the community fresh drinking water. 


Kathleen's daughter Olivia and her husband Fred reside in
Sri Lanka and manage our projects there.


A little goes along way for those in need and our team is 100% volunteers
If you'd like to make a donation (either regular or once off) please click on the link below and follow the steps when you choose your

















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