Our Projects


Agricultural Project at Balangoda


We are developing a training facility at Balangoda in the south-east of the country and hope to break the poverty cycle for young people and single parents by providing them with skills.


The key focus of our project is to provide older teenagers and single parents from disadvantaged backgrounds with training and support services.

In addition to core skills such as English, Maths and trade skills required by employers,  our project focuses on specific assistance.  We aim to give our students additional training in subjects such as concentration, memory recall and custom training programs.  We want to ensure that they have practical life and money management skills. 


We have some accommodation and board facilities onsite for our students who do not have families or friends to support them.  We hope to open day care facilities so the mothers can go to work and come home for their children.  Helping single parents to find employment, so they do not have to travel long distances from their home, is another objective.



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