Information for Visitors

Turn your holiday into a rewarding experience. This is your opportunity to have a positive impact and experience a new culture.

Visitors can assist with a variety of activities, which can be based around your capabilities and experience. The types of activities include:

Where is the Training Facility:     We are located at Balangoda which is 140kms from Colombo (about 6 hours); 50km from Ratnapura.

How to get there:  If you give us enough notice, we can organise a 12 seater van to collect you from the city of Colombo or the airport for $60US.  If you are travelling in a group of 6 or more with luggage, a second vehicle may be needed.

Teaching: This includes teaching English, reading and writing, which are invaluable skills that will help build the foundations of education and a better future.  A great focus is placed on teaching the students English.  They also love to learn music and acting. 

General Maintenance and Labour: For those able bodied and/or skilled where required, assistance is very much needed to clear land and construct buildings as well as many other tasks. These may include weeding, painting, fencing, installing ceilings, treatment of white ant damage, and plumbing.

Qualifications: There are no specific qualifications or experience required. You need only be willing and able.

Cost: Your accommodation and meals will cost $25 US  per day

Medical and Travel Needs: Please contact your travel doctor and travel agent in preparation for the trip to make any necessary arrangements regarding visas and vaccinations, etc.

Testimonials: See the stories in our “Travellers’ Tales” page on our website.  Please send us your story and photos when you return.

Facilities:  Accommodation is basic and clean with about some rooms available for visitors.  Some rooms have fans and bedding is provided.  Meals are included in the $25US a day charge and are mainly Sri Lankan vegetarian.  The bathroom facilities are shared and there is no hot water for showers and believe us you don’t miss it.  Clothes washing can be done for you at $3US per wash.

Communication:  Internet facilities are available.  If your mobile is unlocked, you should be able to buy a local sim card for about $1.  We have reasonable reception at the Home

What to bring for yourself:  Everything is available in Sri Lanka at probably cheaper prices than most Western countries.  Power shortages are common so a torch with batteries is useful as is a multi plug.  Light comfortable clothing, insect repellent, mossie net, sunscreen, hat, sunnies, etc.  

We boil our water to drink.  You may like to purchase a 5 litre bottle of water for just over $1.  Powdered cow’s milk, fresh milk and other groceries are available at the local shops.

Something to bring:  New or good second hand books, clothing and  toys are always appreciated.  Books that help the students with English, maths and music would be useful.  Also socks, collared shirts, games and instruments. 

Application Process: Please register your interest by completing the attached application form and submit it to us at least one month prior to your anticipated arrival date. We will contact you to discuss your application further. As we have children in our care we require that a Working with Children’s Check be submitted with this application.

Click here to download the application form.

Please Email us the completed application form at kkcf@inbox.com 

We thank you for your interest and look forward to welcoming you soon.

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