Donate a block

By now you would be aware that our Orphanage St Anthony's Boys' Home HewadiwelaBlock is open for business. We have done a lot of work in preparing the property including an upgrade to the kitchen facility, repairing the buildings, fixing the well and refurbishing classrooms for after school tuition.

The main problem that we have now, is the completion of the fencing around the property.
This is a high profile
project for KKCF as it will ensure that we have a secure environment for the children and staff as well as protecting the property and facilities.

We have commenced the project and the plan is to build a 4 foot high brick block fence and then add another two feet of security mesh to the top of the fence.

However, the perimeter of the property is quite large (5 acres), so we are turning to you for help in completing this project. We are asking that you ‘donate a block'. Each block is valued at $5.00 and you can donate as many or as few as you like. At the end of the project a plaque will be struck to commemorate the donations to the wall.

Those of you that donate 10 blocks or more will be individually acknowledged on the plaque.

Please enter required text for the plaque, once inside the paypal site.


Donate A Block


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